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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Attended the home opener and it brought back memories of my childhood.

On one hand, sitting in large cavernous park with a scattered thousand or two can be very charming. It is sort of fun to be able to hear the distinct voice of every single person in the park. You use the cold and empty seats to inspire your own fun. You bond with the rest of the brave and/or dumb souls.

On the other hand, you watch uninspired baseball. Guys, who don't care a fraction of those in the crowd, go through the motions. And just when you think that things will change, that there is chance for a win. They blow up with bad pitching and lazy defense. And you remember how cold it is and how stupid you are to stick it through with this team.

No one was really immune to the bad baseball yesterday. I am sure some said Sizemore uncharacteristly misplayed a ball before the delay. But I remember not going to the 2005 playoffs because of Sizemore misplaying a ball and game five against Boston in 2007 was changed forever by Sizemore misplaying multiple balls. Peralta lolly-gagged down the line after the rain then biffed one ball and watched other go back. Garko, Cabrera and Choo looked the like Keystone Kops as a ball dropped between and the scooted past them all to allow an extra run to go through. And Garko has to scoop up that ball. He is arguably the worst first baseman in the American League. They are major leaguers-- do your job.

Sure the frustration level is raised when the fans are used as pawns. I have never sat through a longer rain delay where it wasn't raining. Nothing like wasting an evening watching it not friggin rain. And hey it only took them 45 minutes to realize the Cavs could be on the big screen rather than some National League game no one in the crowd cared about. Once the game the started the Indians rewarded the fans who stayed by sending home all of the employees who served food and beer.

It is early in the season. There are 159 games left. But things better change because this team is bad. The pitching is bad. The defense is bad. And right now no one is worth cheering for.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Play Ball!


I can't say the word without hearing it in Earl James Jones voice.

The spring has been so long, that tomorrow's opener has almost snuck up on me. I had April 10 drilled in my head as the home opener so much that tomorrow's real opener almost slipped my memory. For me baseball always starts that first time you walk into the park and see all that green grass. It brings back of the memories of Childhood and all the promise that maybe this year will end differently.

At least this season we don't open with Chicago. The promise of snow has already wiped out the Sox's opener. Opening in Texas should bring safe weather. Nothing worse than an opener that isn't.

Last year hopes were high so it led to a brutal summer. This year is just filled with questions.

Can Lee remain an elite starter and be a true ace?
Can Carmona bounce back to be the ace he looked in 2007?
Can Reyes and Pavano stay healthly and balance the rotation?
Can any young left hander be consistent?
Will Wood anchor the bullpen?
Can Rafi right and left return to 2007 form?
Is Hafner done?
Are Francisco and Choo every day players?
Can Garko hit when it means something?
Is Peralta coming into his prime?
Can Cabrera hit in the first half of a season?
Will Shoppach hit enough to make Victor a first baseman?
Can Victor stay healthy?
Will DeRosa be to our club what he was to the Cubs?
Is Grady ready to be a superstar?

I dunno.

The starting rotation will answer the question whether the Tribe can contend. Last year what killed the team wasn't loss of production from Hafner and Martinez. It was the slow starts from Sabathia and Carmona plus the injury to Westbrook. The team hung tough until Westbrook went to the DL and then the 10 game losing division road trip derailed the season. Lee started last season as the fifth starter. Many of the local "experts" wanted Lee traded. And then when Lee started strong, these "experts" kept saying he can't keep it up. They are saying that again this year. And it makes sense. Not many pitchers have had a season he had last year let alone twice. He doesn't have to be that good but can he be a reliable stud again? I dunno. Carmona was our fifth starter in 2007. He was only there because Lee got hurt in spring training. And then when Lee was ready to go, Carmona only stayed because Westbrook went down. Neither Carmona or Lee have been the man heading into a season. Carmona had high expectations last year but he didn't live up to them. Can he be as dominant as his stuff indicates he can be? I dunno. I feel like Shapiro and Wedge are looking for lightning in a bottle out the fifth spot again. And that is why Reyes is really slated for that spot. Lets put a guy with potential great stuff in the fifth spot and get a beautiful surprise. It will take a career year out of Reyes or Pavano for the Tribe to contend. Or at the least a decent year from both. The bullpen looks on paper to be much stronger this year. If Wood can be the man then everything should line up. A set-up of Perez, Betancourt, Lewis and Smith could be one of the strong pens in the league. But if our starters can't get out of the fifth inning, the pen will be overworked and it could get ugly.

At one point Vegas and many "experts" were picking the Tribe to win the Central. Which is not a good thing. Lately it seems the favorite never wins the Central. But in the last few days more and more "experts" are picking the Twins and their pitching. It makes sense. Minnesota's pitching seems like more of sure thing. But will they have an offense? It depends on the health of Mauer and Crede. You can't discount the White Sox as unlikable as their manager and general manager are, they seem to know what they are doing. Detroit did themselves a favor getting rid of Sheffield. It will help the clubhouse. The Tigers can hit the crap out of the ball but can they pitch. Who knows if Kansas City is ready to grow up or not?

Like I said a lot of questions.

I think we will know fast. As easily as this roster could be a house of cards, it could be the real deal. If and it is a big if, the starting pitching falls together this team could very good and very dangerous. There looks to be hitting through out the line-up. There are plenty of near major league talent in the pipeline. A quick start can build confidence. A slow start could start a chain reactions of horrors.

But not knowing is half the fun. If they fail the Wedge/Shapiro haters can revel in I told you so's. If they win, there is nothing better than a pennant run.

Play Ball!

Much better

After two sub-par games, the Cavs rebounded with a 101-81 win over the Spurs who had all three of their Big Three healthy.

While ABC slobbered all over LeBron for being dominate --and he did score 38 points-- the game was changed with him on the bench. Mike Brown went small to start the second quarter by playing Mo, Delonte and Boobie all at the same time. The Cavs went plus 10 without the King and cruised from there. It was a nice win since Andy and his sore wrist joined Ben on the bench.

The first quarter defense was not pretty but the Cavs locked it down after that. Tim Duncan only scored six and Manu Ginobili managed only four. Mo and Delonte each scored 22 to support LeBron as the rest of the team only scored 22 total. But it was enough to get the mojo back. The Wizards are up next on Wednesday. I am looking for massive beat-down to erase the rest of the bad memories.