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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I can't process what I just saw

I already had my computer on my lap ready to unleash a violent angry diatribe. Never have I been so angry. I thought that this team had gotten me to believe again and then not only choked away a game as they often have-- God had twisted a knife in us once again.

A week after a 52-yard field goal fell oh just so short, this time a 51-yard field goal hit the upright bounced off the crossbar and landed short. I thought right away that the ball had hit the back of the post and therefore should be good so when the announcer said the play is not reviewable-- my anger boiled over. Not only had the team choked, we were going to get screwed. It was as painful regular season loss ever. I was mad at God for once again allowing this football team to break my heart.

And then....

I can't believe what happened. I don't know how to process it. As Phil Dawson said afterwards, he wasn't hopeful because the Cleveland Browns never get that call.

And yet we did.

What the hell? I have never been on the other side. I have never seen a call reversed in order to get it right. The Browns despite falling apart in the fourth quarter for the second straight week won a game -- a game they had given away.

I am shocked speechless. I can't talk but I can type.

What is going on?

The game has been over for a while now and I am still in a daze. I just wanted to add a few thoughts.
1. God bless Pete Morelli. I have never wanted to hug a referee more in my entire life.
2. Joshua Cribbs is the MVP of this team. How can teams keep kicking the ball to him? And unlike some returners who use just speed to return kicks, Cribbs is so tough to tackle. God bless Joshua Cribbs too.