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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick hits

-I am not writing about any new player on the Indians until I see him hold up a Wahoo jersey at the press conference.

-I always liked Franklin Gutierrez but I don't know enough about the guys we got in exchange to really have an opinion about this trade. However the last two middle infielders we got from Seattle have turned out alright.

-This Monday's game is going to have a lot less luster than the first two this year, huh.

-Last night was a game the Cavs would have lost in years past. Let's hope the big man is alright.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Same game different day

Well the good news is that it was not a home game. But can you really blame the players for giving up when it is obvious the coaches have given up. Field goals? Punts at midfield when losing? Not bothering to challenge close calls?

I guess the only reason not to fire Romeo now is that we need to lose the next three to get a higher draft pick.

This team just isn't worth talking about.