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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No excuses

The Cavs lost.

They did not shoot well from 3 and on the final shot LeBron James missed. Many wanted a foul.

In the press conference, LeBron said there was no foul that he just missed the shot. A shot that he said he should have made.

He manned up. That says a lot. He hasn't quit and even if his team falls short. He plans on being back. He will make no excuse.

So yeah, the ending sucked. But it is what it is. LeBron didn't whine so why should anyone of us.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Game two

It is what it is.

I was hopeful for a different outcome but I can't say I am surprised. For me it was more frustrating listening to the fans around me. Those fans who just started watching after game five against the Pistons. Man were they angry last night. If is as if last week never happened.

So the series heads home and we will find out it that makes a difference. Can our front line play better? Will Mike Brown be willing to go small sooner? Can we slow down the Spurs in the first half or make a first half jump shot?

I don't know. The Cavs have played better at a home all year. They have also played better with their backs against the wall and everyone saying they had no chance.

It is just tough to keep going back to this well. Although last year, everyone said the same about the Heat and kept saying it through most of the third quarter until Miami turned it around.

If anyone can do it, it is LeBron. So it makes no sense to give up now. Even though the Spurs do come as advertised.