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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


As soon as Barry Bonds made contact, I leaped to my feet with my arms raised above my head. That reaction surprised me a little, but not that much.

History is history and that should be celebrated. I enjoyed his reaction at the plate and the chaos in the crowd. And showing just how classy he is, Hank Aaron surprised Bonds and the rest of us with a video taped message. He in essence tipped his cap to Bonds. He did it out his own volition without being harassed by the media into it. Unintentionally he showed up Bud Selig, who has handled this chase the absolute wrong way. The commissioner should have been a man one way or the other. He should have verbally distanced himself that this man cheated and I don't want any part of it or been on hand and congratulated the man.

I know my opinion is the minority. Whether Bonds did steroids or not does not matter much to me. If what he did is considered cheating for me does not soil the game. The game is not the same game it was when Hammering Hank played. When Aaron retired not one player made a million dollars and clubs were lucky to draw a million. Now the utility player makes over a million and clubs look to draw two or three million. ARod might make more this season than the entire payroll of the league back in the day. The game started to sell out with the DH and expanded playoffs. The mound was shrunk and the fences were brought in. Television dictate the playoff games were played when youngsters slept. Corporations name the ball parks and own the teams. It is not the same game.

I will not judge what one man did when the whole game has lost its innocence.

So when 756 cleared the fence, I stood and I cheered.

Monday, August 06, 2007

This is not fun

What is going on in the Midwest?

The Indians, Tigers and Brewers are all free falling? But by far the Indians have to be the most frustrating because at least the Brewers and Tigers have some excuses.

The Tigers and Brewers have some injuries. The Tigers are a Mash unit in fact and this is the first time the Brewers have been in contention since most of the team was in elementary school.

But the Indians playing like crap is almost eerie because they are healthy and for the most part since Lee was shipped down pitching great. They just can't score runs. It is maddening. The games are stressful and veining popping enough but this trend makes Sports center unwatchable and reading the paper in the morning frustrating when both should be relaxing.

Thing is I have no answers and worse I doubt Wedge or Shapiro does either. I keep hearing how it has been fortunate the Tigers are been slumping too. Well the Tigers are not really slumping. Their number starter, top setup man and four hitter are all hurt. They all could healthy. A full team ends a slump normally. The Indians should have a five or six game lead. They have squandered an opportunity.

And now they have a dogfight with the Twins- a team ready to give up the ship plus the Mariners and Yankees are waiting for the Wild Card.

And there is only one way out-- to hit and hope your stressed out pitching doesn't burn out from frustration.