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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Talking Heads

Some columns write themselves.

Quote from before the series:
"The Pistons will sweep the Cavaliers."
— Chris Sheridan, ESPN NBA insider
Fact: Not one national media member predicts Cavaliers to defeat Pistons.

Quote after game two when the Cavaliers outscored the Pistons 31-19 in the fourth quarter to lose by just six points:
"But it wasn't anything they did. It was what we didn't do. Like I said after the game, we got undisciplined with the things we had been doing for six quarters. You know, it was coming so easy, I think we got complacent."
— Pistons guard Chauncey Billups
Fact: Pistons have never lost a series when up 2-0.

Quote after game three when Cavaliers defeat Pistons 86-77, outscoring them 33-21 in the fourth quarter:
"It must be tough, though, if we can’t get it done.”
— Billups on the Pistons inabilty to sweep the series

Quote from before game four on Monday:
"I know we're going to win it. We're going to bust their (butt). Tomorrow night is the last game here in this building for this year. Y'all can quote me, put it back page, front page, whatever. They can send whoever they want to send. I know the crew I think they're going to send. But it don't matter. I know we can do it, and they know we can do it. We know what we've got to do. It ain't bulletin board material, it's a fact, They can put it on the bulletin board. They can put it on a video. I don't care. I know what we're capable of doing, that's all that it is."
— Detroit forward Rasheed Wallace
Fact: The Pistons were 3-0 when Wallace made a Guaran-Sheed of victory before a playoff game.

Quote from half-time of game four:
"Cleveland has to be concerned with the pace of the game if the game is close, the Pistons can just clamp down on LeBron. This slow pace is the Pistons' game."
— TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley

Quote in final minutes of game four:
"With Miami ready to clinch in game five, the Pistons need to win this game so the Heat doesn't get a chance to rest."
— TNT play-by-play man Dick Stockton
Fact: Cavaliers outscore Pistons 21-13 in the fourth quarter and hold them without a field goal in the last 3:22 to win 74-72. Ensuring there will be at least one more home game.

Quotes after game four:
"I don't think Detroit is concerned."
— Barkley
"I ain't worried about these cats. There's no way in hell they beat us in a series. They played well. I give them credit. We lost. We shot 30 percent and they had to play their best to beat us. Even the sun shines on a dog's (butt)."
— Wallace
"Cleveland's offense wasn't working. They do a lot of standing around watching LeBron. It will be very hard for them to win."
— TNT studio analyst Kenny Smith

So despite the Cavaliers winning two close games at home, the general consenus is that the Pistons still have an automatic berth in the Eastern Conference finals against Miami.

"We're in a dogfight right now, and that's what people have to understand. They're in a situation where their players believe and the town believes. We've just got to get back home and take care of business."
— Pistons coach Flip Saunders

“We don't feel no pressure. The Pistons feel the pressure. Everybody's counting us out, including people in our own backyard. We don't listen to Charles Barkley — never. Ever."
— LeBron James

Let them talk. Just Witness.