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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Charles Barkley was right tonight. He put the blame on LeBron's performance squarely on the Cleveland coaching staff. He rightly so called them "idiots." Mike Brown and his staff are awful when it comes to in game adjustments. And he made none tonight. Fortunately his strength is between game adjustments as he is good breaking down film. But he has to find a way to get LeBron the ball in better spots.

LeBron wasn't blameless because he settled for threes for most of the game and he got good looks at the end but they just didn't fall.

Everyone is ripping him and calling this his worst game as a pro. Yet he was one rebound and one assist from a triple-double. How is that for sucking?

Regardless it was an awful game to watch. And the Cavs let a great opportunity to steal a game on the road slip away.

But it is just one game.

And hey the Indians scored more than three runs in a game. Wow. Everyone is loving Dellucci now huh.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cheesed off

My reaction was the same as I am sure the majority of Cleveland fans. When I saw Papa John's has sponsored the t-shirts calling LeBron a crybaby, my first thought was, "There should be a boycott."

Now I admit it is easy for me to suggest boycotting Papa John's because I think their pizza is crap. The only thing worse is Domino's(with the exception of St. Louis style pizza of course- which is basically a cracker covered with ketchup and american cheese). Why people over pay for chain made crappy pizza is one of life's mysteries to me. Do commercials have that much sway? A bunch of pretty faces and snappy tunes and people settle for sub par pizza. I don't get it.

Being from Cleveland's west side, I grew up spoiled when it comes to pizza. Every other corner or so in my neighborhood had a mom and pop pizza shop. Good pizza at a cheap price was everywhere. I spent a year living in Fort Lauderdale. You would think life with no snow and beautiful weather would be awesome but there isn't a single good pizza place in the entire town. All the pizza was chains or New York style. And I am not a fan of thin crust. And a pizza cost $15. In my neighborhood to this day, you can get a medium one topping for $5. With real cheese, a perfect amount of sauce and the perfect crust.

Anyway like I suspected a lot of people felt the same way I did about what Papa John's did. So much so that more than 40 area stores on Thursday will sell customers a large one-topping pie for 23 cents. The company will donate those 23 cents from every pizza, plus $10,000, to the Cavaliers Youth Fund.

PR spin at its best but it makes me hate Papa John's even more. But the gambit may work as I may buy a pizza on Thursday. I will splunk down a quarter and then take the pizza and dump it in the store's trash.

Stupid yes but I am not doing it for LeBron, I am doing for all the small owner pizza shops that have closed because of corporate greed that has squeezed good pizza out of the market.

Then I will head to Little Anthony's and get myself a real pie.