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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Charles Barkley was right tonight. He put the blame on LeBron's performance squarely on the Cleveland coaching staff. He rightly so called them "idiots." Mike Brown and his staff are awful when it comes to in game adjustments. And he made none tonight. Fortunately his strength is between game adjustments as he is good breaking down film. But he has to find a way to get LeBron the ball in better spots.

LeBron wasn't blameless because he settled for threes for most of the game and he got good looks at the end but they just didn't fall.

Everyone is ripping him and calling this his worst game as a pro. Yet he was one rebound and one assist from a triple-double. How is that for sucking?

Regardless it was an awful game to watch. And the Cavs let a great opportunity to steal a game on the road slip away.

But it is just one game.

And hey the Indians scored more than three runs in a game. Wow. Everyone is loving Dellucci now huh.