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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good news

In 2014, Fausto Carmona will be just 31 years old. Potentially still in the prime of his career and now barring a trade, he will still be wearing an Indians uniform.

The Indians front office stepped up and paid the young man right now when they weren't obligated to and in essence Carmona gave up his first two years of free agency. Like the early 90s, the Indians have committed to a young player with a lot of talent and he has committed back.

In one hand, this move secures not only the front of the rotation but the piece of mind of Carmona and the Indians faithful. While C.C. misspent much of his youth trying to settle into being the ace. Carmona looks poised to take it now. This signing could keep one of baseball's best pitchers on the mound for the Tribe for the next six years. And if for some reason his arms flames out, the last three years are all club options which limits the Indians risk.

It is beautiful thing and it is a win-win for everyone.