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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The game isn't on TV?

Today's game is not on TV and that makes me sad. FOX pays big bucks to televise major league baseball so no one else can show a game when they do. Most markets adjust and move their start times to avoid a conflict. That is the reason why the Indians almost never have Saturday day games. But Oakland doesn't have a large fan base so moving a start time for them makes no financial sense. Hence for the second straight year the only Indians game not televised takes place in Oakland.

The silver lining is instead of Matt Underwood's stumbling and bumbling, I get to listen to Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan. I really enjoy the pair but on a day I am stuck in the house- images would be nice. My only complaint with Direct-Tv is that I can't turn off Underwood and put on Hamilton as I can't get the sound to match up. I was not a fan of the man Underwood replaced but I miss when Rick Manning and Mike Hegan worked together. I liked them. Underwood is used to being a radio where you have to talk a lot more- therefore having stories makes sense. Although sometimes now he is on radio, Hegan can forget to call balls and strikes- sometimes even total at-bats. My only wish is that Underwood would talk less and let the game unfold before our eyes. We can see what is happening. Just find a way to add to it- don't drown it.

One reason I love baseball best is that just about every day at 7pm, I can sit down and watch the game. Except that has happened just once so far this season. Oh well.

Changing gears the final four finally gets going tonight. With four number one seeds, I have almost no real interest in the games. I suppose I will back Memphis. But when it comes to college basketball, I like cheering for underdogs. I have no rooting interest locally and all four coaches are big names- so I can't even cheer for a coach. I am sure I will still watch but if they are blowouts I will turn it off.

Why would anyone read this far? Anyway sorry this sucked.