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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well how do you like them apples?

For all those people who insisted Danny Ferry was scared to pull the trigger, how about that? In one fell swoop, almost half of the Cavs roster is gone.

Our favorite punching bag Larry Hughes gone.
Drew Gooden with his long beard and laspes of focus gone.
Donyell Marshall with his bad knees and inconsistent shot gone.
Ira Newble - a true gentleman and great global citizen gone.
Cedric Simmons and Shannon Brown no one will notice but gone.

Headed this way, Ben Freaking Wallace, Wally Szcerbiak, Joe Smith and Delonte West.

On paper, I can't see how this makes us worse. Anything we gave up we got in return. Our front line is stronger. Our outside shooting looks better. The mirage of Larry Hughes the last few weeks doesn't give me any pause of giving him up. We almost beat the Pistons in 2006 and we did beat them in 2007 and he had nothing to do with either. Say what you will about Wallace's drop in production but I love what he would bring in a playoff series. Sure his guy will be able to double team LeBron but for me the Cavs drop in defense this season has been troubling. A front line of Wallace, Z, Smith and Anderson Varejao is pretty formidable. Adding a shooter like Wally to go with Boobie and Damon Jones is also a big help for LeBron.

I have no idea if this lineup will gel in time for the Cavs to run the table in the East but I honestly like this trade more than if we would have picked up Bibby or Kidd.

I think the Cavs got tougher. And if three veteran players can't get motivate to play along LeBron James for a chance to compete for an NBA title, nothing will ever motivate anyone.