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Monday, January 21, 2008

Worst time of the year in sports

The next two weeks are two of the longest of the sports year. Pitchers and catchers report is still a few weeks away. College football is over and the hype of the Super Bowl gets really old really fast. Add to it that this year the teams are the undefeated Patriots and a team from New York, ESPN will be nearly unwatchable. College basketball is going on but it doesn't really get interesting until the end of February as the tournament gets closer. There are NBA games but even the players don't care until after the all-star game so why should the fans. It is cold outside and yet there is nothing on TV to watch.

This Super Bowl match-up for me is as bad as it gets. Don't get me wrong it should be a good game but it ranks up there with Baltimore-New York and Pittspuke-Dallas with unappeal. I have no interest in seeing teams from Boston or New York win anymore. I am so sick of their fans as they are the only people more annoying than the GED nation of Buckeye fans. And while I can still respect Jim Tressel and the players on the Buckeyes. My distaste for Belichick overcomes the respect he has earned as a damn good football coach. And while I would love to see the Pats anointment as the greatest team ever disrupted, I find it hard to cheer for the bratish Eli Manning and the tyrannical Tom Coughlin.

My brother-in-law who lives in Wisconsin hate the Packers because is surrounded by Cheeseheads but he may be the only person in the country to dislike Brett Farve. I could have gotten behind the Gunslinger for more one game to take down the Evil Empire. But New York can never really be a true underdog. And so my enthusiasm for the game is really tampered. And now because Boston and New York are ESPN's home teams-- I will have to avoid the channel for the next two weeks.

So two weeks of almost no sports to watch and at the coldest time of the year. All that leaves is an countdown.