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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blogging the final moments

As I start to type there is 5:21 left in the Colts/Titans game- the Titans lead 13-10. As soon as Vince Young left the game- the pit in my stomach started to grow. The Colts led 10-7 at that point and as Young limped off I did not think it was a good thing despite what first blush might tell you. Kerry Collins is a pro's pro and he can finish one game. Sure enough he has led his team to two field goals.

Collins just converted another huge third down to get the Titans in field goal range. Things look bleaker and bleaker. Second and 10 and the Titans throw? Another first down and they are inside the 20 as the clock goes below four minutes left.

It is 3rd and five with 3:07 left. The Colts take a timeout. If they do not stop the Titans here-- the game is pretty much over. Tripped up short. Another timeout and there is exactly three minutes left. After this sure field goal-- the score will be 16-10.

If only Peyton Manning was in the game. Instead Jim Sorgi is the quarterback and he has looked awful. And the fact- the Colts top three wideouts are not playing and Joseph Addai is resting as well. I just do not see this ending well.

The field goal was good. 2:56 left. Don't you wish that was Josh Cribbs waiting for this return?

1st and 10 at the 25. 2:50 left. Almost a pick on the first play. Illegal formation declined.

2nd and 10. 2:47. Sorgi is just awful. That was as ugly as a pass can be.

3rd and 10. 2:41. Hey lets throw a 1-yard out.

Fourth and 11 and the clock is still ticking. A long pass and a great catch to keep our hopes alive... oh wait he dropped it. And the Colts could care less. And they have that right. This is the shittiest way possible to end the season. Hopeless to do anything. The Colts did not use their last timeout-- yes it sucks but the Browns can only blame themselves.

I know I am emotional but honestly I do not want to hear any crap about what a great season this was. Sure there were some wonderful moments. Sure it was a surprise and a lot of fun. But ultimately it was a disappointment. The Browns had things in their own grasp and they failed at the most important moment. I don't want to hear about steps forward or a bright future. The Indians of 2005 had a similar season and then choked in the final week. What did it mean for 2006-- nothing as they suffered a losing season.

The Browns won 10 games but it means nothing because there will be no playoffs. And I am sorry but that is all that matters. Is 10 wins better than 3 wins? Yes, of course but without the postseason-- the 10 wins mean nothing right now.