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Monday, December 03, 2007

Ravens choke!

As much I want the Patriots lose, I have to admit it is fun watching Baltimore suffer. The city of Boston is quickly rising on my listed of most hated. Their sports fans are arrogant jerks and their head coach is the ultimate arrogant jerk. I don't care if he has become the best football coach who ever lived. I don't know if he has sold his soul but his dedication to the game has cost him his family. I don't know if that is worth it. And I will never forgive him for cutting Bernie Kosar when we were in first place and his backup was injured. I hope the urban legend is true that Bernie knocked him on his ass after that Denver game.

Still-- I can't forgive the city of the Baltimore. I never will. Someone stole their team so they stole ours. When the stadium gets nuked in Sum of All Fears I cheer every time. I hate crab cakes. I hate Cal Ripken Junior. And I certainly hate Brian Billick. It helps that the Ravens are punks. Going into the game they had lost five in row and yet they were still talking trash and strutting around.

During the game my emotions fought each other. I would love to see the smugness of the Patriots knocked down a notch. But truthfully I felt if they lost this game they would certainly win the Super Bowl. My prayer is that the Pats go 16-0 and lose their opening playoff game- maybe even a horrible call or an injury so that the entire region has something to complain about once again. I liked them better when they were whiners.

So to have Baltimore lose when it looked like they won three times-- it was rather satisfying. And to have their beloved defense coordinator be the one to call the timeout while the players glared at Billick was great fun. And for the icing on the cake, the Ravens complete the hail mary and fall a yard short.

I hope the whole city is sick to its stomach.