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Saturday, December 01, 2007

BCS chaos

Let's be honest. Ohio State does not deserve to be in the national championship game. (You can't let Illinois control the ball for the last eight minutes of a home game and be allowed to whine.) But thankfully for the Buckeyes, no one else does either.

Everyone in the nation now has at least two losses except Kansas but they lost in their last game and didn't get to their conference's title game and Hawaii and apparently if it happens way out in the middle of the ocean it doesn't count.

Frankly I don't care about the playoff or BCS debate. It is sort of like political commercials around election time. All of these so called experts feel they need to share their beliefs. It is extremely annoying to listen to all this crap.

I am writing this at 11 p.m. so Missouri could make an amazing comeback and Hawaii could lose to Washington. But if the (Rainbow) Warriors win and the Tigers win-- my vote would be Hawaii as the only undefeated team left should be in the game. It will never happen but I would rather have a team people think doesn't belong over teams like Georgia, Kansas, L.S.U. and U.S.C that really don't deserve it either.

The truth is it really doesn't matter because in the end because since college football is all about the cash everyone wins-- well everyone but the fans but fans don't wear pads and they seem willing to spend their money either way.

It is just fun to see tradition and powers that be get smacked in the face either way. And it will be interesting to see which conference can make the right phone calls tonight to get their team in.