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Monday, November 05, 2007

First round pick

I apologize to anyone who actually read yesterday's post. You could have read that anywhere. It was a waste of time and I wish I could give you back those precious seconds.

Over the years since the new Browns were born. It has been amazing to look back at our first round draft picks and dream about what would have been.

1999- Tim Couch could have been Donavan McNabb or Edgerrin James
2000- Courtney Brown could have been Chris Samuels or Cory Simon
2001- Gerard Warren could have been LaDainiam Tomlinson or Richard Seymour
2002- William Green could have been Ed Reed or LeCharles Bentley
2003- Jeff Faine could have been Larry Johnson or Eric Steinbach
2004- Kellen Winslow Jr. looks good now but tell me there wasn't a time when he was hurt when you wished he was Ben Roethlisberger or Jonathan Vilma
2005- Again Braylon Edwards is starting to pay off now but admit you dreamed of Shawne Merriman or before his legal troubles Pacman Jones
2006-Kamerion Wimbley was the first first round pick who lived up to his promise right away

Why bring all of this up?

Because Adrian Peterson, who many fans wanted the Browns to draft, already has 1,036 yards in just eight games. In a half of a season, Peterson has already done what only one Browns running back has done since 1985. And you know what? I have absolutely no qualms that Phil Savage and the Browns selected the right guy in Joe Thomas and passed over the player that will be rookie of the year and looks to be one of the best backs in the NFL.

For the first time since the Browns' rebirth, the offensive line is the backbone of the team. Derek Anderson was not sacked against Seattle. His line has given him time to find the talented trio of receivers and opened running lanes for our backs. Thomas combined with the signing of the previously mentioned Steinbach looks to have the makings of an elite left side of the line. Romeo Crennel has been quoted as saying Thomas has graded out to be the Browns best lineman and has yet to be beaten for a sack. Peterson could be the next Jim Brown but what this team needed more than anything was a cornerstone left tackle.

While the Browns are earning our faith on the field, Phil Savage's draft picks are starting to show that we may finally have a front office to believe in as well.

Those Steelers looked pretty good tonight against the Ravens and in a way I am glad. I am really looking forward to see how far the Browns have come since week one and I want the Steelers at their best. The Browns have passed several tests the last few weeks and now it is time to measure up.