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Friday, October 19, 2007

Red Soc fans suck and so do Jacobs Fields employees in section 504

I have been in a somber and dark mood ever since I got home from the game last night. And it is so much more than the loss.

I had tickets because I won the lottery online. Instead of selling the tickets at a way marked up price, I gave them to friends. Imagine my horror to find the two rows in front of me and three rows behind me were all Red Sox fans. It seems everyone else who won the lottery were either ticket brokers or people who sold their tickets to brokers. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the lottery for fans? Instead Red Soc fans were everywhere.

They are worse than Yankee fans. Before the first pitch I had to hear how damn superior they are -- not the ball club but New England and themselves. It was all about themselves. While Yankee fans tend to drunken front runners there to party, Red Sox fans are there to pose and preen and to thumb down noses. They talked about how the whole world was watching this game because the Sox was playing but no one cared about Cleveland. I doubt a single one in my section had any idea who Johnny Pesky is? One of them snobbishly said Cleveland fans suck because they never cheer unless the scoreboard tells them to and how Boston is always on their feet and cheering (despite what we saw on TV for game two- but that was because it was so cold, right Bill Simmons)

Finally in the top of the fifth I could take no more. When we got a runner on base, I stood up. That is all I did. I didn't say anything. I didn't wave a rally towel. I did nothing but stand.

I was called a fag and an asshole. I was threatened with violence. And I just stood there. When the inning ended I sat back down. Some Indians employee in a yellow shirt came and summoned me over like I was a grade schooler. He could care less what happened. I being the Indians fan surrounded by Red Sox fan had to be in the wrong. I had to be vile and a rude host. He talked down to me and said if I stood up one more time I would be arrested. He was insulting and he put his hands on me. He could care less about the truth So I left.

I found somewhere else to stand.

In my own park for doing nothing but standing I was threatened with arrest. I was called names, threatened with physical violence and thrice before I stood smacked from behind "accidentally" with never a sorry. And I was threatened with arrest.

The Indians were bullied on the field yesterday and stadium personnel allowed us fans to be bullied in our own park. What since we are from Cleveland, we must be the bad guys?

And when in the history of the stadium have you not been allowed to stand when the home team bats during a rally.

I spent the rest of the game without joy. I feel no joy today. And as of right now I don't feel compelled to even watch game six tomorrow.

Our home crowd was weak for most of the game . And when I tried to stand up, I was made the villain. It was a sad, sad day.

And my heart is broken.