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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Give it rest already about three days rest

I just read more articles about how Wedge was wrong to pitch Byrd in game four even though it worked.

Are you kidding?

First- you don't change who you are in the playoffs. Mike Hargrove did in 1999 and it cost him his job. He may still be in Cleveland if it wasn't for that decision.

Second- why panic? The series was in the Tribe's control. I will take a rested C.C. in a game five any day. Why send a message of panic to your team? C.C. has no history of pitching on three days rest after throwing that many pitches. Byrd gave the better chance to get five. And while Carmona was brilliant in game two-- he is still young. And the Yankees could have adjusted. Why pile pressure on him if it didn't work. And say the Tribe won game five. Now what is the rotation for Boston.

Now people are saying skip Byrd in game four so C.C. can pitch on three days rest. Only if we are down 3-0 do I even consider it. Byrd is a veteran. I trust him even if you don't. Wedge trusts him too. C.C. is a power pitcher. He isn't a three days rest kind of pitcher. One guy suggested throwing C.C. in four on three so he can be ready for seven. My take is you don't worry about game seven until game seven. If we get that far then maybe go C.C. on three since you will have Westbrook and everyone in the bullpen to fill out the innings. Pitching on three days rest is like going for two in football. Never do it until you have to.

Wedge has groomed this team for years into the team he wants. I think he knows his team better than anyone else. Even his owner was quoted I would have done this differently. Every fan and sports writer knowns better than Wedge apparently. All I know is his team believes in him and that is good enough for me.