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Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday morning

Just a few quick thoughts...

The Browns lost a game in Browns-like fashion and I didn't even get mad. I didn't swear. I didn't throw anything. It didn't even ruin my evening let alone my week. I am still debating what that means.

While it is interesting that Cleveland is adopting a Youngstown native as its own, Kelly Palvik is going to take a beating on Saturday. I hope I am wrong. But whether he wins a championship or not-- it has nothing to do with Cleveland.

On one hand, I am glad the stress of making the playoffs are over. This is going to be longest week ever. Seven games with little real impact. Yes, you still want and need home field but not at the risk of pushing starters too far. Rest and health is more important. And as a fan, you have save up on the intensity for the month of October.