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Friday, September 14, 2007

It is hard to give up when you you really didn't have a chance

I have been reading lots of articles that suggest Phil Savage gave up on the season after one game by trading Charlie Frye.

Trust me when I say I will not defend Phil Savage but the thought he gave up on the season because he traded Frye is ludicrous to me. Did you watch Charlie Frye play at all this preseason or in game one. Blame Savage for drafting him in the first place and handing him the keys to the offense last season or blame Savage for not getting rid of dead wood sooner rather than later-- but dumping a worthless commodity for a sixth round pick was the best move Savage has made with Frye.

Chudzinski saw what everyone else saw-- Frye was a poor fit for the Browns offense. It is what his receivers believed, what his offensive line believed and most of the fans who didn't buy into the local boy makes good camp. The Browns offensive coaches didn't want Frye. They begged Crennel to dump him. What hurt that cause earlier is that Anderson didn't step up to grab the job and the reluctance to push Quinn into the hot seat. Don't kid yourselves, holding back Quinn isn't for his own good. It is to protect jobs. Rookie quarterbacks gets coaches fired.

For the realist Browns fan, we knew what this season meant. We knew it would be a long year. While the Pittspuke debacle was worse than we imagined from a competitive stand point, at least it was enough to shock most of the rest of the idealists what this team is facing.

It is weird as a fan you want the Browns to win every game and when they lose it hurts like hell. But maybe losing big the next few weeks is the only way for Randy Lerner to accept he (and nearly everyone else) was wrong about Romeo.

When the Browns left town, I was in the minority. I wanted them to fight the lease and make the team stay three years-- losing that bastard a lot of money and embarrassing the NFL even if it made it impossible for us to get another team ever again. When the Browns returned, I assumed I was wrong that giving up and getting a new team was for the best.

I am not so sure now. Being a Browns fan is more than getting dressed up, getting drunk and acting like an ass. A true fan understands the history of the team. A true fan is passionate and competitive and not just a blind follower. This return is getting close to borderline heresy. This organization has embarrassed its legacy and it has to change.

Where is the pride? Where is the passion? Where is the fight?