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Saturday, August 25, 2007

That was encouraging

Is this real or just the set-up to our next disappointment.

Brady Quinn completed seven of his first eight passes. And that one incompletion may have been the most impressive pass of the night. It was a perfect strike to Joe Jurevicius for what looked to be a 39-yard touchdown pass. It was ruled incomplete but it looked like it should have been six.

Again, it was the third quarter of a preseason game but I am not sure what else anyone could ask from this kid. Holdout schmholdout. He has earned consideration to start sooner rather than later.

It looks like Charlie Frye played well enough to justify naming him the temporary starter and to send Derek Anderson to the unemployment line. But Brady passed his second test and earned the right to include in the discussion. I understand Romeo may be hesitant to start a rookie with his job on the line and no one wants a repeat of Couch's first year. But honestly this is a totally different situation. The Browns have a better line, real receivers and a NFL proven starting running back. Frye's strength is his scrambling ability. Brady appears to be the better game manager. Being a game manager is what allowed Pittspuke to win with a rookie quarterback in 2004 and allowed second year pro Tom Brady to go from holding a clip board to being Super Bowl MVP in one year.

I am not arguing the Browns will reach those heights, far from it. But it is hard not to be optimistic about what this offense can do behind Quinn. I know the holdout is what will justify the Browns starting Frye and no wants to see Brady get smashed week one. But if he gives the team the best chance to win then pull the trigger and start the kid.

Frye might be listed number on the depth chart come Monday but it is readily apparent he is just a seat warmer.