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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Release somebody

I stand by my belief that Charlie Frye should be released or traded, but if he isn't than Derek Anderson should be released tomorrow. Yesterday was more proof that neither is a true NFL starting quarterback. Both are forcing the Browns hand to start Brady Quinn sooner rather than later.

Seriously how bad is it when Derek Anderson fumbles on his first snap and throws an intercetion on the goal line and yet gained ground on Frye for the starting job.

Now I am not all gaa-gaa over Brady's heroics in the fourth quarter against the fourth string. But it is better that he had such success than to fail miserably. Confidence is a powerful tool. But just like last week, I believe that Brady needs to be taking half of the first string snaps in practice. And for that to happen either Frye or Anderson has to go. Dorsey is the better third string quarterback. He knows he is a backup and therefore willing to go the extra mile to help the kid. I believe Romeo is mishandling this QB race and it is going to cost him his job this season. I understand Romeo has been strangled by Brady's holdout and the fact neither Frye or Anderson has taken the job. But now that is is obvious that neither is anything more than a seat holder, he has to pick one now so Brady's development is not stunted.