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Sunday, August 12, 2007

QB race should be over

I read in the AP's game story that Charlie Frye got a leg up in the starting QB battle. The words "played better" even appeared. Ummm, really. Sure, Charlie completed 12 of 15 passes but to me he proved he is not our starting quarterback. Not of the future certainly but not for the present either. You can blame the running back for not paying attention on the lateral that led to the fumble recovery and the Chiefs only touchdown but Frye has to make a better pass there. All quarterbacks will make an occassional mistake. But his play at the end of the half is totally unacceptable. How can he make that decision to run and cost his team three points.

You can argue that Anderson didn't play well either but is that what pushes Frye up the depth chart. Frye has had the leg up with being the starter for parts of the last two years and quite simply he has not taken advantage. He was handed the job and his lack of concentration and ability to play smart has forced to Browns to trade for Brady Quinn and lose a possible top 5 pick (maybe top 2) next season.

Dorsey will be the number three quarterback. So the loser of the Frye/Anderson battle will not be on the opening day roster. Frye believes he is a starter and a leader. It seems to me that offensive players don't agree with him. Keeping Frye on the roster will led to more problems. I would try to get a sixth or seventh round pick of him but chances are the Browns will have to cut their losses. I never bought the Beacon Journal's PR machine about Frye. I don't believe in him and I don't think his teammates or coaches do either. We all known what Derek Anderson is and yet it still took a coin flip for Frye to get the start. Quinn's holdout gave Frye an extra opportunity and he did not take advantage.

Cut your losses now. Let Brady start splitting snaps with Anderson right now. Don't let Frye who will not be around long hurt Brady's development. If Anderson has strong start after being handed the job let him ride it out as long as possible. If not have Dorsey help prepare Quinn to step in as soon as he is ready.

Frye should sent packing as soon as possible. Romeo's job is on the line. He has a better chance of being bold, making a choice for long term success and hope Quinn's development comes sooner and buys him one more year. If Frye and Anderson stay in camp until the opener. It surely will be Crennel's last one as head coach.