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Monday, July 30, 2007

The sky is falling or so they say

So much happening in the world of sports and I have so little to say about them. I have found it hard to write columns. I am so bored with most of what the national media will have you thinking is life and death stuff. As for the Indians, I live and die too much with each game to write about it. Trying to stay even keeled like Wedge and view one game as one game. But damn do I hate days off after a loss.

Michael Vick: I just wish people who get this upset when an athlete is accused of beating a woman. Many athletes have been charged with many crimes and played in big games. Yet Vick is banned from camp before a trial because of public pressure. I own dogs. I love dogs but we do have a justice system in place. By saying that I had people want to fight me because they want Vick shot on the spot and I am evil for suggesting mob mentality justice isn't right.

Barry Bonds: One of the best players ever. Maybe he what get over it. Hallowed records are a thing of the past. If no one has noticed this is a different game since Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Barely registers as the same. Different stadiums, different equipment, different training. different interpretation of the rules and a whole lot of money. If a man wants to risk his health and his balls to be better. Let him. Just make laws of life in prison for anyone convicted of giving steroids to minors. Hell if Casey Blake had the clear and the cream-- he would be Jim Thome. The fans just want to see the long ball. The media and the radio callers should just get over it.

The dirty ref: Can we cut out the hyperbole please. Man the national media would have you thought the NBA was going the way of the USFL. And now apparently Danny Ainge is saving the game because he acquired Kevin Garnett. Please, if Ainge is the game's savior- the sport is really in trouble.

The Browns: Wake me up just before kickoff of week one.

Bruce Drennan: Personally I don't care for the guy. I just don't like his style or his substance. But he isn't dumb. How inspired having those two idiots fill in for his show on Fridays. By comparison does he look like a genius. How unprepared can two people be? I don't even know the white guy's name but it is never good when my mother knows more about sports than a guy on TV. And she once asked me if the Lakers were from Cleveland since they are talked about on TV so much. I have seen him twice and I had to turn it off within five minutes both times.

The Indians: One day at a time. One day at time. But why was Nixon still even in the outfield in a 1-0 game in the 8th inning. One day at a time.