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Saturday, June 02, 2007

This is Cleveland?

I went to the Tribe game last night. There were over 41,000 at the game and they served over 54,000 one dollar hot dogs.

I admit I was still on a high from LeBron. Nothing was going alter my mood. It is one of disbelief and that nasty potential heartbreaking prospect of hope. My eyes and brain are still trying to comprehend what happened. Still in that one corner, albeit growing smaller and smaller, is Lucy holding that football promising that THIS TIME she won't pull it away.

If there is one other Clevelander who understands it is

The Tribe trailed most of the game. And yet I never got upset. I had really annoying non-fans all around me and I never got too upset.

Fausto came in the eighth and finally pitched well. The Tribe cut the lead to two.
Fausto stayed out there and struggled a little. But instead of helping him, the crowd worked against him. Now I am a wave-hater but I understand it is part of the game going experience for many people. But do it in the top of the fourth or the fifth- NEVER in the ninth of a close game. Now I know it was dollar dog game and I estimate that 37,000 of these fans did not even watch LeBron the night before, but still. I know Carmona is a paid professional. But he has lost his confidence and rather than cheer him on-- the crowd is roaring at strange uneven times as he is trying to get out of the inning. He almost did anyway. With the bases loaded, Fausto got a big strikeout and I thought Wedge should have gone and got him. The kid had thrown a lot of pitches, let this outing be a stepping stone. Wedge held the kid to the fire and he walked in a run. Hernandez let another in and we were down 4 heading into the bottom of the ninth.

When Martinez hit his three-run homer, I was more agast than excited. But the Indians manned up. Sure I was excited when Dellucci when ripped one up the middle to win the game and complete the comeback but I was a little shocked at the emotion of the Indians. At first I thought they exploded out of the dugout like it was the World Series and thought that was a bit much. But then I realized how much my head was still in the clouds from LeBron. The Indians had just won by scoring five in the ninth. Hell, yeah, it was amazing. And it also show how worried the Tigers are about the Indians, they brought their closer in the game up four in the eighth. It was a desparate move--on June 1-- and it backfired big time.

This is almost too much for this Cleveland fan.

I want tonight to come and I want tonight to never come.

Lucy, please, please, just hold the damn ball still. Just this one time.