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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tommy Tommy Tommy

I don't want to talk about whether LeBron should have taken the shot or passed the ball.

Dude, the Cavs lost. Get over it and go out and try and win game two. The national media amazes me with how far over the edge they have gone. Is it just me or have ESPN and the like morphed into Entertainment Tonight. Seriously.

What I do want to talk about-- and considering I have no readers, who cares right-- is Tom Hamilton.

I love Tom Hamilton and I am sure most of Cleveland's sports fans do. He is emotional on the air and that's cool even though often he tricks me into believing balls have a chance to get. And in person, he is a great guy. Down to earth salt of the earth and all that.

But man is he ever a jinx machine. I don't listen every night as I usually watching the game on TV and my cable provider and WTAM don't link up because of the delay. (Thank God Matt Underwood has taken over for the Pittspuke interloper we were forced to listen to for the past decade or whatever it was)

Anyway, every time I do listen to a game, Tom gets ahead of himself and bad things happen. He is the reason that no Cleveland pitcher will ever throw a no-hitter unless one of his kids get married and he has the day off. Tonight's example happened in the sixth-- he was deep in conversation about Barry Bonds when the Royals started a rally. A double play ball got Carmona two outs and left a runner on third. Instead of saying that-- Tom gushed and said now Carmona will get out of the inning with a low pitch count... oh wait... that is if (noted Indians killer) Mike Sweeney makes an out. DAMN IT TOM! I know my yelling at the radio over the years doesn't count for actual conversation but I would assume someone has had to talk to him about this. I knew the game would be tied on a two-run home run before a pitch was thrown.

I love you Tom, you are good people but please quit getting ahead of yourself in your calls. This is Cleveland.