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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why not?

Why not dream a little?

A Browns fan immersed in the tragic lore of his favorite football team is nationally humiliated. He is embarrassed and slapped around.

Why not have this be the lichpin to a revivial?

Before the draft, Brady Quinn has said all of the right things. He said he is used to turning around losing teams. He said he is pro ready. Why not let him get humbled and humilated?

He said this experience was hurtful to him. And now to be drafted by the Browns was a dream come true.

I tried to figure out why some many in Cleveland didn't want Brady Quinn. Yes, he grew up a Browns fan but Dublin/Columbus isn't really Cleveland to many of us. He is a golden boy from Notre Dame. He wasn't an ugly duckling like our beloved Bernie Kosar. He was too smooth. He was too pretty. If he had gone to Ohio State, Browns fans would have been rioting to get him. But he was from Notre Dame and for the non Irish Catholics-- that is cheering for the Yankees.

But now, Quinn has become a sympathic figure. His really bad day was televised. And now I would imagine he has gained the needed sympathny for the faithful. Brady Quinn is now one of us. At the third pick he would have been a derivisve figure. Now he has a big lineman in front of him and the hearts of the Dawg Pound.

I give credit to the Browns for pulling the trigger. Another bad season would make this pick very expensive. But it is a risk worth taking and maybe just maybe it is worth it for the hope it has brought.

Why not? Let's d$ream things have finally changed.