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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I started this post before the final seconds even ticked down in the Cavs/Bobcats game.

Has there ever been a team that causes you to scream more ever?

I know the national media today finally noticed the Cavs have been hot. Every television occupied by sportswriter seemed to ask if the Cavs could catch the Pistons. It is great to have lofty goals but one must also remember the Bulls are right in the rear view mirror and the Cavs could fall to the fifth spot just as easy as move up to the top.

The half full view would be teams like the Bobcats will not be in the playoffs. Lottery bound missing three starters. LeBron and company seem to always save their best against the best. I can't imagine a letdown in the playoffs. I would not be surprised to see the Cavs win tomorrow night against the Mavs.

And while a loss like this doesn't erase the good thoughts of the win streak. This team can really ruin a person's blood pressure. For all of Snow's post defense, how can he drive against three defenders with the rest of his team on the other side of half court. If you and I all know in the final minutes of regulation that someone other than Eric Snow needed to drive to the basket, how can they settle for outside shots.

And I am not one to think I know more than an NBA coaching staff like so many on the internet, but why did the Cavs allow the Bobcats dictate who was on the floor rather than stick with our lineup? It bugs me to no end when Gooden and Z are just forgotten after their play helped build the lead.

I am a realist enough to know that this one game in the big picture like most NBA games means nothing. Especially in the East where the goal is just to get in the playoffs as healthy as possible. But it would seem to me that home court means more to the Cavs than it does for teams like Detroit or Miami. The Cavs can not afford to give away too many games like this. And while I know one game doesn't mean that much, I can't remember ever screaming so loud at the television than I did tonight. This has been a frustrating season to watch. It would be easy to imagine the Cavs having a large lead in the conference without several losses to the worst teams in the league.

Maybe as fans we need to learn the same lesson that LeBron learned last year from Miami. All that matters is May and June. The Big Picture still remains in focus but my blood pressure can't take this shit.