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Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday afternoon thoughts


It is just one game but isn't much sweeter to win in a rout than to lose in a rout. Took two pitches to remind the naysayers that spring training stats are irrelevant. If it wasn't for the ineptness of Kansas City, my money would be on Ozzie Guillen being the first manager canned this year. A few key injuries and slow start would make Ozzie's act unbearable and give Ken Williams a reason to get rid of him.


I love that no one is picking the Buckeyes to win tonight. And while some Buckeye fans may have raised a eyebrow when they heard that Ron Lewis gave Florida some bulletin board material. I love it! First all he said was "they are a good team" and he said that good was at the top of his list. What is he supposed to say? But unlike whatever his name was at Memphis, Lewis is streak shooter and the type of shooter who loves big moments. The bulls eye is now on his back. I think he loves that and it can only help. At the start of the tournament, Florida struggled in the first half of games. Apparently they needed to be motivated to play their best. Now they are at the top of their game... just ask the media and the Gators themselves. This game is in the bag, it seems. Sounds a lot like football huh. We shall see tonight.


I have decided I no longer care about the regular season. Any team can beat the Cavs in one game, that has been proved over and over. And why I would like home court advantage and avoiding the Pistons until the Eastern Finals, none of it matters. The real question is this... what teams in the East can beat the Cavs four out of seven times. We know our faults because we watch this team every day, but can any team in the East beat the Cavs four times. The Pistons would be favored but is it out of the realm of possibility that the Cavs could beat them. They almost beat Detroit last year and the Cavs are much stronger. So I am going to quit worrying about seeding and lets just fast forward to the playoffs. I will take my chances against anyone anywhere.


I am so sick of draft stock falling and rising. Wake me up in July.