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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chopping Wood

Somewhere on press row right now, some writer is formulating his lead-- he is debating whether he wants to use to umimpressive or struggling.

All I know is the Cavs has not lost since Easter Sunday. Tonight they shot 44 percent and won down the stretch with their defense and rebounding, 102-92 over the Nets. Ten wins in a row and six straight to open the playoffs, if this struggling then I am all in.

Somewhere in coaches office, Mike Brown must be dangling a cigar from his mouth and saying, "I love it when a plan comes together."

I guess I owe Mike Brown an apology, his offensive plan or lack there of still drives me nuts (i.e. how many threes did the Cavs hoist up tonight when all they had to do was go inside) but the man has kept his word to make this a defensive club.

Drew, Z and Andy were joined by a fountain of youth dipping Doynell Marshall. All four excelled on defense and crashing the boards. While LeBron and Larry seemed to wait until late in the fourth to join the defensive fun-- this team fufilled thier coach's dream.

For me the plan that best summed up this game was in the final minute when Sasha had a wide-open three-pointer. He shot it with plenty left on the shot clock and he missed. In the past, that would have led to an easy bucket for the oppenent but instead Sasha tracked down the rebound to seal the game. It is Sasha's play that gives me the most hope that the Cavs can extend this season for a few more weeks. In the past, I moaned how Brown kept Sasha unjustly in the doghouse-- but now with how Sasha is playing defense-- it appears Coach knew what he was doing.

Now I know a series does not start until a visiting team wins a game but despite what the media keeps trying to tell us-- this Cavs team poses a serious threat to the Motown Stones.

So hopefully the fun is just starting.