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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Well at least the Indians play tonight at 8. Hopefully that will improve morale.

I wish I was wrong about Romeo Crennel. I am sure he is a nice man but he lacks what it takes to be a head coach. His waffling on a quarterback will cost us. My guess is that the offensive coaching staff are not fans of Charlie Frye which accounts for the quick hook in the game. They wanted Derek Anderson to step up all preseason and he didn't. With management wanting to protect the investment in Brady Quinn, they are holding back on playing the kid. But I said before preseason started, Frye should have been cut. Anderson handed the job allowing him to get most of the reps while preparing Quinn for his inevitable starting duties. Frye is not a leader. He is not an NFL starting quarterback and I don't think he has the temperment to be a backup quarterback like someone like Ken Dorsey does. Dorsey understood his role and knew his job was help the other quarterback prepare. If Romeo wanted to disagree and stick with Frye that is fine. But then he had to cut Anderson quickly. Instead he did nothing and now the situation is FUBAR.

At halftime, Bill Cowher said it wasn't on the quarterbacks it was on the protection. I disagree. Nearly all of the sacks and first half turnovers were on the quarterback's lack of feeling the rush and getting rid of the ball. Truthfully, we would have lost the game no matter who started but honestly if Dorsey (yes Dorsey) had started that might have kept us the closest. He has the best understanding of the offense and I think he reads a defense the better than Anderson or Frye. He just doesn't have the arm to win games. But he won't lose games with dumb mistakes.

I know I am a fan and not a GM. But I would feel a whole lot better if Todd Grantham was the head coach rather than Romeo. His passion soothes me. Romeo's look of bewilderment drives me nuts. The choice to challenge both of those calls were stupid and in a close game would have been killers.

It is going to be long season. Romeo's lack of conviction is going to make it longer.