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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Still waiting

Still in Wisconsin waiting as the kid does not want to come out.

It is tough to follow the Tribe out of market. I have spent the last few days constantly waiting for my phone refresh. Last night I breathed a sigh of relief when Cabrera doubled and then laughed with glee when it refreshed with the score 5-5 as Hafner homered. When the Twins had two on and two out in the tenth with Redmond, my phone refreshed over and over- seventh pitch of the at bat, eighth, ninth, tenth and then it remained at tenth for what seemed forever. I feared the worst. Finally it said Mauer was batting for Redmond and figured out what happened.

While here in Wisconsin, I have learned to hate ESPN news. I am so sick of hearing about the Yankees and the Red Sox. It really gets old. I figured that after today's day game- there would be highlights. Nope just more Yankees and Red Sox- who aren't even playing right now and NFL previews. Umm, today is Wednesday and most of the games aren't until Sunday. You can't spend any part of an hour on highlights from the day's three MLB finals (all involving playoff races)

I just want this kid to be born healthy so I can head back home and be able to watch from my own couch and bar stool.