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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Enjoy the Northwest

I guess late is better than never and I have to admit I am impressed that the Browns were able to salvage a draft pick out of trading Charlie Frye. I just don't understand why this move wasn't made in the off season.

But I have been writing about this for months so there is no need to digress. Dorsey is here to tutor. Anderson to seat warm and Quinn to prepare to take the reigns.

However it is just another example of why Romeo Crennel has to go. He appears to be unable to make a decison until forced to. For other examples see his kid gloves treatment of Braylon and Kellen.

But can this team afford to wait to the end of next season to hire a new coach that will precede to get rid of every player from the last regime like we have seen now over and over. This once proud franchise has become Groundhog Day.

Losing to Pittspuke sucks but losing every game by more than three touchdowns-- can't continue.

Anyway my vote is to start Dorsey. We won't win but we won't lose by as much. That way the kid will be ready after the bye week.