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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Alright, now I can relax and enjoy this. Just moments ago, the Tribe finished sweeping the Tigers making thier magic number 3 with 10 to play.

There will be October baseball at the Jake again!

It is hard not to get excited about this team. It is the best all around team to play in Cleveland in my lifetime.

The lineup has started to hit with 20 home run guys scattered through the lineup and two young Venazulalens have been the spark.

But championships come with pitching and defense.

The fielding have come a long way from April. The defense which was the worst in the league in the first month has worked it way up to third overall in the American League. Casey Blake solidified one corner while Garko stepped up at the other. Jhonny (although scary at moments) has worked hard to improve and Victor has made his nightmare behind the plate that was last season a distant memory. Gutierrez has won several games with his fielding and arm.

And the pitching. No one in the league can surpass a one-two punch of Sabathia and Carmona. That is some nastiness at the front end of the rotation that has not been since in Cleveland for a long, long time.

With the NBA flavored post season schedule of scheduled off days deluxe, the Indians bullpen goes from good to great since only the Ralfies and JoBo will be needed.

It has a been a season of worry but now that the post season is finally upon us, let's enjoy what looks to be a fun month of October.