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Sunday, October 07, 2007

It wasn't that bad

The final result was a 34-17 loss for the Browns against the Patriots but the truth was a bit brighter than that.

The Browns lost thier starting running back early, a starting reciver early and both cornerbacks limped off at one point. Yet for the most part, the defense played OK. The lack of a pass rush hurt but the defense gave a tough effort against the NFL's best team. Three times, the Pats had first and goal and only came away with two field goals.

You can't committ four turnovers against any team let alone the Pats and that was the Browns downfall. Anderson had to be smarter on the first pick but you really can't blame him for the next two. But for most of the day, the Browns short two weapons still moved the ball against what was the NFL's top rated defense. Wright gave a gutty effort in relief of Lewis. Despite the mistakesand as weird as it sounds, when the game ended I felt the best I have about this team all season. The Browns competed against the league's top team. Despite not covering the spread, the Browns held their own. And that is something that has been lacking the last few seasons. If not for the fumble return, the Browns would have been the first team all season to hold the Pats under 30 points.

And as for that spread, I don't gamble on football games but I found the final moments interesting. The Pats are inside the five, up 10 against a 16-point spread and decide to not only go for it but to throw into the endzone. I could hear gamblers everywhere yelling. And after an incomplete pass, Winslow's fumble allowed the Pats to go up 17. Then the Browns rush down the field and after an incomplete pass- get one second left on the clock and one more try to cover. And sure enough Winslow catches the ball but is out of bounds allowing the Pats to cover.

I could hear things being broken all over town.