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Friday, October 12, 2007

Well that was game one

They lost. It happens.

What makes it tougher to swallow is that C.C. did not look like this year's version of C.C. and the Tribe never once got out Big Papi or Manny.

But it is just one game. Whether you lose by one or by seven or twenty- it is still a loss and it only counts as one. Just can't lose four.

But we won't find out until tomorrow just how big of a hole this is. A masterpiece from Carmona and all is well. All season Carmona has never once seemed affected by the pressure. There is a lot riding on the young man tomorrow. His team needs him to avoid a huge 2-0 and the man on the mound against him is Curt Shilling-- who has pitched very well in some of the biggest games of the last six years.

We will learn a lot about the young man tomorrow and we will learn whether this is going to be a real series or not.