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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game seven

I don't like to watch Browns games around other people. Each regular season game means so much that at times I get tightly wound. My pet peeves are that guy at the bar who needs to swear as loudly as possible. And the Browns often cause me to swear so I stay home.

This playoff season I have stayed home for just two games and both times the Tribe got shellacked. But tonight I will not be going out for the game. While I am trying to not like sports affect my personal life so much, I am not strong enough to test that in public. I have written before about how much the band wagon drives me nuts. There was the guy during the Yankee series screaming "He is on my shirt" when Kenny Lofton had a big hit except he was wearing a 1997 World Series shirt. There are the fans upset the other team gets a few hits never mind that our opponents have the best two line-ups money can buy. The constant questioning of Eric Wedge by people who have never played the game let alone watched this team play at all during the season.

Watching on TV is almost as bad, FOX's market research must tell them that most people who watch playoff baseball don't watch regular season baseball-- I have no other explanation for Tim McCarver's continued job status. So I am considering tonight locking myself in room alone with the lights off where I can close my eyes and just listen to Tom Hamilton.

I don't know if that will be enough but we will see.