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Saturday, October 27, 2007


It has been a long week. I couldn't watch ESPN or read most of the sports page. I avoided my local watering hole because I didn't want to talk about sports.

Last night I turned on the Cavs game and I lasted about thirty seconds. I had no interest. During the hat-gate, I kind of took a pass on the created controversy. But the truth is we have all grown up with those guys that wear Yankee hats, Bulls hats and Cowboy hats. Never liked any of them. The fact LeBron knew he was so teflon that he could rub it in the face of the hometown crowd-- made it worse. He can wear what he wants and he can cheer for who he wants but I don't have to like it. For me when he put on the Indians hat in China that made it worse. I would have respected him more if he had kept the Yankees hat on. At the time, I was hoping the Indians would have won the World Series so I would never have to watch a Cavs game ever again.

Maybe it will change by Halloween but I am not sure I want to make an investment in the Cavs this season. Without Sasha or Andy, they will not be fun to watch. The early season schedule also has done them no favors. Maybe time will heal all wounds and I will be able to jump on the bandwagon later.

I am hoping to break out of my sports malaise on Sunday. This is the most important game in Romeo's tenure of the Browns. And you can make the argument, it is the second biggest game (playoff game being the other) since the new Browns were born. They are playing a winless team on the road. It is a game that they have to win. It is also a game that the Browns of recent history would lose. This game is the fork in the road. Are the Browns really in the right direction? This game will answer that question. A win and hope springs eternal. A loss and nothing has changed.