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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ho-Hum the Browns win again

Other than begging that Derek Anderson be made the starter at the beginning of training camp, I have been wrong about almost everything else about this Cleveland Browns team.

Never has being wrong felt so right.

After the emotional victory over the Ravens, I thought today's game against the Texans was a classic trap game. Houston had been playing well. After finally getting a call in their favor, I was worried they might come out flat at home.

But thanks to Anderson's strong arm and talented receivers in Winslow, Edwards and Jurevicius with strong running game behind the ever turning legs of Jamal Lewis-- the Browns offense is for real. They have the talent to overcome penalties and the offense is clicking on all cylinders.

The defense had just enough of a pass rush to disrupt the Texans offense and young Brandon McDonald instantly made himself a crowd favorite. I admit I had to look up where he went to college (Memphis) but the rookie had two great defends on Houston's best receiver Andre Johnson, he made a big hit on a return and his interception clinched the victory. Lets hope McDonald's big game gives him the confidence to shore up a secondary that is starting to show some life.

I don't want to look ahead at the schedule. All I know is that the Browns now control their own playoff destiny and in this town-- as the calender turns to December--- that is all you can ask for.

Winning is so much fun, I forgot the Cavs were even on TV-- I didn't turn on the game until right as Boobie fouled out. LeBron picked up 30 more points and had another triple double as the Cavs rallied to win. LeBron is proving he is the best player in the NBA and frankly right now I don't even care. I had forgotten just how much the Browns playing meaningful football overshadows everything else.