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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bad call doesn't erase bad play

There is the simple answer and then the complex one.

It is easy to say the Browns got screwed because well they got hosed. The official on the goal line simply blew the call. Winslow was clearly forced out and the official was just looking at his feet and not the whole play. I wonder where the help was. I understand it was a hail mary type play-- but tell me there had to be another official behind the play or across the field that could have helped the guy out.

The Browns won the game on the last play and yet the standings will notch this up as a loss. A painful loss that now takes playoff control out of the hands of the Browns as the Titans won.

And yet... truthfully the Browns did not deserve to win this game. Anderson was horrid in the first quarter. Combined his miscues with Cribbs fumble-- and the Browns gift wrapped three touchdowns for the Cardinals. I understand that players have to block on kickoffs and punts but why would they ever block overly aggressively. Cribbs only needs a little help. On a fair catch- get the hell of out the way and quit blocking. And what the hell was Simon Fraser thinking? Dumb Dumb Dumb. And while the defense for the most part played well-- they got pushed around on the final drive until the final stand. Two more dumb penalties added to the anger on that drive.

Yes- Browns should have won the game on the final play but in the truth the game should have ended with Anderson taking a knee with his team comfortably ahead.

As much as I want to hang that official in effigy, the Browns lost this game. They were not as mature as I thought they were. This team took a huge step back. Lets hope they learn from it because if they play this way again-- the playoffs will stay a dream.