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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

I felt like a kid on Christmas. I couldn't sleep. I kept waking up thinking is it time yet, is it time yet? And then out of the window snow was everywhere. Normally a Browns fan dream- I was worried that it would even out the game and take away the Browns throwing advantage.

But the Browns responded in sloppy weather smash mouth football. Jamal Lewis carried the team and many of the Bills on his shoulders and the defense stood up to the challenge and did an awesome job tackling.

I will be honest. When it was fourth and one near the fifty with two minutes to go, I knew the smart football play was to punt despite the tough conditions. But when Romeo sent the offense out there I was pumped. Screw logic- lets go out and take it- with Buffalo out of timeouts a first down wins the game. Hand the ball to Lewis even yell out the direction you are headed and smash your way to a first down.

But it would not be a Cleveland Browns game without some drama. Romeo changed his mind and had Anderson decoy. The Browns punted and we had to endure a dramatic and frantic two minutes.

But in the end the snowman won as the Browns held on for an 8-0 victory. In this season of all offense and limited defense, the Brownies won despite not scoring a touchdown. The best part of the this game was you could tell how much fun the Browns were having. Andre Davis led an inspired defense that swarm the Bills all game. And what can you say about the Browns offensive line and the warrior that is Jamal Lewis. They don't come tougher than Lewis. He bruised his way to 163 yards on 33 carries. Finally after all these years, the Browns have a worthy successor to the line of Marion Motley, Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly and Kevin Mack.

Tennessee rallied to win so the Browns clinched nothing but kept themselves in the driver's seat for the playoffs. And lo and behold the Steelers lost and who would have guessed the Browns had an identical 9-5 record as their hated rivals. I read this week that Steeler fans don't considered the Browns rivals anymore. Some Pittspuker said he thought it was funny that Cleveland fans hate them so much. Good. Let them think that. I remember when I lived in Ann Arbor back in the John Cooper days. I had to hear non stop how Ohio State was longer their main rival and it was now Michigan State or Notre Dame. Look how that arrogance turned on them.

The Browns have been a blessing this year. It has been fun to have meaningful football once again. And to cherry topped our beautiful day not only did the Steelers lose but the Ravens got beat by the previously winless Dolphins. A glorious scene on an awesome day.