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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Billy Packer said the game was over- why are they still playing?

It was 9:29pm when Billy Packer opened his mouth. I know because at 9:29:31 my friend sent me an instant message that said, "Did that guy just say the game was over."

Before I even read it, I had already sent a similar but much more profane response to her.

To those who don't believe in the jinx, there is nothing I can tell you. But at that moment Kansas had a 38-12 lead but there was still 7:37 left in the first half. Yet as the game went into a timeout, Packer declared the game over. Even his partner Jim Nantz was shocked and just yelled, "Wow."

Both of us knew what was going to happen. And I bet all across America people spit out their drinks. The game is never over until it is over.

Now as I write this post, the game is not over. But North Carolina is now down five and that prick Billy Packer (aka Mr. ACC) was acting all shocked at the turn of events. Now I am not saying I have magical powers but the tide has slowed somewhat once I started to blog this.

People often talk about momentum and how the swing of Big Mo can change a game's outcome. A little roll one way or the other can affect play. When it is on your side, as player you think nothing can go wrong. When it is against you, you can think nothing can go right. This is where coaching can have the most impact. What team is most prepared to ride out a wave one way or the other. What team can shut off their thoughts and just play as they have practiced.

But sometimes when you get cursed there is not much you can do.

And even if this seems silly and Kansas still finds a way to win. Packer's comment is an example of why I dislike him so much. Packer thinks he is smarter than the rest of us. He was the one who said a few years ago George Mason did not belong. He is one who every year screams at the committee for leaving out ACC teams. He is so arrogant he can declare a game over despite there being 27 minutes left. Gus Johnson would never call a game over. Bill Raferty would never declare a game over. Those two gentleman love the game. They have the passion of a fan and yet remain professional. Yet it is Packer who thinks he is better than the game and the fans- who always finds the way to be the most unprofessional.