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Friday, April 25, 2008

Random thoughts on Cavs/Indians

Can't say I am surprised at the result of game three. You just can't pull a switch in the NBA, the Cavs went back to being the team they have been all season. They didn't play good team defense and the offense completely broke down as four players watched LeBron.

But for some reason in the NBA, 30+ losses seem to create motivation. Only in the strange universe of millionaire basketball can teams in the playoffs win by 30 one game and then lose by 30 the next. My expectation for the next game and those that follow is I have no expectations. I have no idea what is going to happen. I don't feel that compelled either. This whole manufactured rivalry is sort of shameful when the real rivalry was good enough. Honestly I am much more interested in the Indians.

You can't help but be happy for Cliff Lee. It was amazing how quick things turned for him last year and how fast everyone soured on him. He has been the ace of the staff so far. Imagine where the Indians would be without him.

Also put me on the ledger for hoping the Indians cut loose Michaels and give Ben Francisco a chance. Michaels has been given chance after chance.

I read somewhere on the net, someone making a pitch for Barry Bonds and tried to use Albert Belle as a reason why. I thought the logic was weak. Albert grew up here. He was the angry Joey and why he was ofter surly he always came to play. Albert was also protected here by the media, most of the worst of Albert only came to light after he left. Sure we always saw hints and yes we excused all of it- but Barry Bonds was the villain somewhere else. Not only was he was jerk, the whole Game of Shadows book has created a media frenzy. Clubhouses can take superstar jerks but to put a media circus in this clubhouse after what has been preached the last few years would hurt credibility. Bonds bat would help the lineup but I just don't see Wedge wanting to deal with the headaches that would come with it. It is not his style. I also think Shapiro remembers what happened when John Hart brought in John Rocker. It sabotaged the season. On the other hand my guess is the marketing department would love it as it would sell seats. But the move would smack of panic and that is not what Wedge/Shapiro preach. So it is not going to happen. Of course ask me in a month if Hafner is still not hitting.