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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walk this way

First start after his new deal.

Carmona went out and gave up just two hits. Of course he pitched just 3.1 innings. The present and future ace of the Indians walked eight batters as he unloaded a whooping 82 pitches.

Again no reason to panic but for the third straight start, the supposed strength of the Indians, the starting rotation let down the rest of the team. With Carmona, you figured it was just not his night and you have faith he will rebound. Byrd and Sabathia are bigger worries.

With the type of stuff Byrd has there is no margin for error. I would think he has one more start maybe two because of the Indians headtrust's patience before a young lefthander is called up from the minors. Byrd is a crafty veteran but if he is walking batters and throwing meatballs then he can't help the club.

Outside of his first playoff start as a rookie, Sabathia has never really been known as a big game pitcher. Stress and excitement usually don't bode well for the big man. Look at his career record pitching in front of family at home and as recently as the playoffs last year. Even the start in Detroit right before the all-start break when he had a chance to impress Jim Leyland to get the starting spot in the all-star game. He was awful. This contract season can very easily be a albatross around his neck. C.C. is at his best when he doesn't think that much. He can say all he wants the contract is weighing on him but he is human.

The Indians poor start has been masked by the Tigers worse start. And while there is no reason to panic, there is a real reason to be concerned. Our left fielders can't hit. Blake and Peralta have been shaky in the field.

But the worst part has been it hasn't been much fun. Since the first two wins, the Indians have barely led. Even the games they have won, they trailed for the most part. It is hard to get excited when it seems like the team is always behind.