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Friday, May 02, 2008

One round down

LeBron James is a pretty good basketball player. He took two shots in the first quarter and yet by the end of the third quarter, he already had a triple-double.

Since the Cavs seem to have survived injury free, Washington was indeed the perfect first round opponent. They ran their mouths and the Cavs kept their cool. Yes the Cavs gave away game five, but LeBron and his teammates made a huge statement with their play in game six.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, how fun was that? Joe Johnson is a poor man's LeBron and I tell you what give me LeBron and their roster and that would be a scary, scary team. Atlanta is fun to watch, but honestly watching them play in this series confirms not trading for Mike Bibby was a good move. Just like not trading for Kidd was a good move. Bibby would have been totally wrong for this team. I think the deal we did make was the best one possible. Joe Smith is a pro's pro. West has his ups and downs but I like what he brings to the point. Wally is starting to fit in and I will take one-dimensional defensive player on the downside of his career in Ben Wallace rather watching Larry Hughes not care. Someone once asked why are we paying Wallace all that money. And I said, "For the Celtics and the Pistons." Anything left in his tank will be on display the rest of the post-season.

The Cavs are a seriously flawed team. But give me LeBron in a seven game series against any team but the Spurs and I will take my chances. With LeBron the goal is to be within five with five to play and see what happens. The East is seriously messed up folks and you just have to look at Boston to know we have a fighting chance even if the Cavs don't really deserve it.