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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is Pleurisy just another symptom of the Cleveland Flu?

I first saw it on a television with no sound. There was a picture of LeBron dunking with the headline written across it, "LeBron Hospitalized."
Without thinking, I said aloud, "I hate this town."
I mean c'mon, it is not even funny anymore. Motorcycle crashes, infected elbows and now a mystery stomach muscle ailment.
Everyone said to relax, it is no big deal, but two nights in the hospital ... for a stomach pull?
Conspiracy theories abounded in my head ranging from the Dan Fouts (shot by a jealous husband, but we will say he strained his shoulder in practice) to the Ernie Davis (he has the mumps and will be back for the season but instead leukemia tragically took his life way too soon).
Cavaliers public relations coordinator John Manuszak did attempt to make me feel better Friday with this press release.
"Following a comprehensive evaluation, Cleveland Cavaliers team physicians have diagnosed LeBron James with pleurisy. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the thin layers of tissue covering the lungs and chest cavity. He is being treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication and will be released from the hospital sometime today. A quick, full recovery is expected. He is out for tonight's game versus the Philadelphia 76ers and is now listed as day-to-day."
It is tough enough to be a sports fan in this town, but these commercials for Chicken Little aren't helping.
The thought of "how will we screw this up" is always present for a true Cleveland sports fan. I tried the whole positive thing and look what happened.
How could the Cavaliers not make the playoffs last year? It seemed like a sure thing.
How could the Indians lose six (five by one run) of seven? It seemed like sure thing.
The Browns up on Pittspuke big in the third quarter in the playoffs and then to not only lose the game but implode the next two seasons so you have to start all over.
Mark Shapiro and Eric Wedge. Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel. Danny Ferry and Mike Brown. It all looks good on paper. Each pair seems to have a plan.
The reason the Red Sox lost for 86 years was more bad management (trade Babe Ruth/ last to sign a black player/ built the team only for home games) than a curse.
Well, if the right people are now in place, when will the winning start?
Each game and season is precious. There is no guarantee, the Indians will get that kind of pitching ever again. You never know just how long LeBron has to play.
No more patience. No more waiting.
It is time to win.
One reason I like Romeo. He knows he doesn't have a good team. But he understands it is what he has, and he goes into each game trying to find what he has to do to get these players a win.
I admire that. And I have always been big on the just think how great it will be when we survive all this crap and win the big one. Keep believing and one day it will be our turn. But how much more patient can we be. It is tiring always waiting for the next disaster to strike.
Guess the only thing a guy can do is cheer for the White Sox in the World Series. That should ensure the South Side of Chicago remains just as miserable as me.