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Saturday, September 08, 2007

This is what I returned home to?

My nephew Marcus was born and both mother and child are doing well.

I have written about being frustrated in Wisconsin and not being able to watch the Tribe games. Maybe it was safer and saner in Cheeseland.

It started on the drive home late Thursday. WTAM claims to be heard in 38 states and half of Canada but I can never pick it up in Wisconsin or Illinois and it is hard to get in Northwest Ohio. But when I finally picked up a signal, I hear Kevin Keane talk about how he never takes anything for granted and to look ahead. And then he did the opposite, he spoke about how Wedge could win manager of the year, CC the Cy Young and looking forward to the playoffs.

Once the game started Tom Hamilton said that speaking the word October was verboten in front of Eric Wedge and then added it would take a historic collapse for the Indians not to make the playoffs.

Are they serious? Have we learned nothing in this town?

Um, correct me if I am wrong but didn't the team build the big lead in just over a week which means the lead could be lost just as fast. The Indians were starting a four game series against the team with the best home record in the league. Then after a Sunday night game they have to travel east lose two hours and play the next day against a White Sox team that would enjoy playing spoiler. Most of the team's games are on the road this month and they haven't been road warriors.

Mark Schwab on WTAM mentioned that the Indians appeared to be a lock because Tigers were running up the White Flag. Schwaby quoted Leyland as basically saying he tipped his hat to the Indians and that the Tigers were playing for the wildcard.

Hmm, one of the best managers in the league says that and you don't think he has other motives. I take it as a challenge to his veterans to step up and a push to his younger players that the season is not lost. The Tigers won thier last two games in Chicago in thier last at bat and then whooped Seattle last night. The lead is already down to five and could easily be within three or less by the time the Tigers come to town. After the Tigers finish the weekend with Seattle then play one against the Blue Jays then outside of our series they only play the Rangers, White Sox, Twins and Royals. It is a cupcake schedule.

The race is not over. The post season is not assured. One game at a time. Take nothing for granted and keep plugging away. This is no time to daydream about October. Let's win September first.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Still waiting

Still in Wisconsin waiting as the kid does not want to come out.

It is tough to follow the Tribe out of market. I have spent the last few days constantly waiting for my phone refresh. Last night I breathed a sigh of relief when Cabrera doubled and then laughed with glee when it refreshed with the score 5-5 as Hafner homered. When the Twins had two on and two out in the tenth with Redmond, my phone refreshed over and over- seventh pitch of the at bat, eighth, ninth, tenth and then it remained at tenth for what seemed forever. I feared the worst. Finally it said Mauer was batting for Redmond and figured out what happened.

While here in Wisconsin, I have learned to hate ESPN news. I am so sick of hearing about the Yankees and the Red Sox. It really gets old. I figured that after today's day game- there would be highlights. Nope just more Yankees and Red Sox- who aren't even playing right now and NFL previews. Umm, today is Wednesday and most of the games aren't until Sunday. You can't spend any part of an hour on highlights from the day's three MLB finals (all involving playoff races)

I just want this kid to be born healthy so I can head back home and be able to watch from my own couch and bar stool.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quick hits

I'm in Wisconsin awaiting the birth of my nephew.

Some quick thoughts...
Always a great day when Michigan loses even better when they are embarrassed. I will let you argue that it is the greatest upset ever in college football (not convinced but I will hear the arguement) but I saw a poll (which had Appalachian State in the wrong division) on The Cleveland Fan that where well over 40 percent said it was the greatest upset of all-time over Mircale on Ice and Buster Douglas beating Tyson. No way. Must be a small sample of Buckeye fans celebrating. You have to give Michigan some credit- alebit it more likely pride on their part to even play Appalachian State, a two-time defending D-IAA (I refuse to call it by its new name) champion. I doubt Ohio State or any other big time program would dare schedule that game. That was a good football team that was given its Super Bowl with an entire summer to prepare. I doubt the Michigan players barely glanced at film. Huge upset but in a sense almost understandable. Champions regardless of level always go all out.

Here in Wisconsin, I have to check my phone for updates on the Tribe. Can anyone explain why Trot Nixon is in the line-up today for Frank the Tank. I saw Trot hit a double play to kill a bases load rally. Yes Trot is a man's man and ball player's ball player-- but I think the kid has earned playing every day. Along with Cabrera, Gutierrez has been the sparkplug to this recent run. Let Trot fills pans with whip cream but keep him out of right field.

I don't get cutting Doresy unless they have their eyes on a veteran back-up to help mentor. (And being up here I have nothing but what the Browns sent me in the offical press release email.) Like the saying goes, if a team has three quarterbacks then it has none. If you want to start Frye- fine but the back-up needs to Quinn. He should not be number three. Maybe the fastest way to get better is let Romeo fire himself. And after watching Bernie Kosar in action this preseason, while I would not hire him full-time to work on the telecasts-- I would hire him just to watch film with the kid on Mondays. Bernie may have sounded medicated and not that healthy but he could still read a defense like no one else.