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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Much better

After two sub-par games, the Cavs rebounded with a 101-81 win over the Spurs who had all three of their Big Three healthy.

While ABC slobbered all over LeBron for being dominate --and he did score 38 points-- the game was changed with him on the bench. Mike Brown went small to start the second quarter by playing Mo, Delonte and Boobie all at the same time. The Cavs went plus 10 without the King and cruised from there. It was a nice win since Andy and his sore wrist joined Ben on the bench.

The first quarter defense was not pretty but the Cavs locked it down after that. Tim Duncan only scored six and Manu Ginobili managed only four. Mo and Delonte each scored 22 to support LeBron as the rest of the team only scored 22 total. But it was enough to get the mojo back. The Wizards are up next on Wednesday. I am looking for massive beat-down to erase the rest of the bad memories.