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Friday, February 20, 2009

Heat check

Tonight I went to a sports bar that is a sports bar in name only. We got there moments before tip and sat down right in front of a huge projection screen. Poker was on and we had to ask to get the game put on. There were lots of other TVs in the place but no one was paying any attention to them.

When LeBron drained his three at the end of the first half. We were the only table in the entire place to notice.

The start of the second half was the same. But as LeBron got hotter, we got louder. And by the time he drained that 30-plus footer just two minutes into the third quarter, the entire bar was into the game and making noise.

And while it wasn't game five stuff against the Pistons, it was the type of effort that brings people together. The people in our bar and the players on that Cavs bench. The joy that poured from LeBron's teammates was just amazing. Forget picking up that extra piece, this team knows they have the horse to ride to a title. Every single one of those guys will run through a brick wall for LeBron.

And you have to love Big Z rushing to Andy's defense. Now I am much bigger fan of winning than I am for chemistry. But this team has chemistry oozing out of its pores. They have a super human leader and believe in him and each other. And that eases any lingering thoughts of shoulda coulda woulda from the trade deadline.

I understand why Danny Ferry is willing to take his chances. So breathe in Cavs fans the bandwagon is about to get very crowded.