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Friday, January 23, 2009

"Good night Oakland we will let ourselves out"

When it left LeBron's hand, I had trained myself that it wasn't going in. We have seen that final play at the end of quarters and games many, many times over the years. And very rarely, it seems to work. LeBron stands around and then lets it fly. Often he misses.

Which made it all the more sweeter when it tickled the net. Fred has been waiting to make that call since he got here and I am glad Austin didn't have a heart attack.

Being shorthanded, this was a classic trap game. The Warriors beat Boston at home and they looked ready to beat the Cavs tonight. If you are going to be on a bad team in the NBA, Golden State is the perfect bad team. You get to live in San Francisco and take as many jumpers as you want. They don't even pretend to play defense. In fact they will let you shoot an open jumper because then they will get the ball back. On offense, whoever has the ball inside the timeline gets to shoot and they don't even pretend to rebound. It is playground ball and if you let the Warriors stay close they can and will beat you.

But LeBron got the ball last and he won the game at the buzzer. His numbers were once again eye-popping at 32-9-9. Mo Williams stepped up in the second half after an awful first half. Kinsey was awesome off the bench but everyone else on the team besides Ben had between 8 and 11 points. But Big Ben might have had the second biggest jumper of the night when he beat the buzzer late in the fourth.

Unless you are coach, this was a fun game to watch. And we can say that now after LeBron's heroics. With another game tomorrow in Utah, this was a big win.

Wow- I just watched Mike Brown's press conference. You have to tip your cap to Brown. After we survived Sasha's brain fart. Brown used what Golden State did on that play to get LeBron the Iso against Turiaf. Maybe he can coach.